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We offer complete packages for all of your surgery needs while helping you save more money.


    Plastic and aesthetic surgery can make permanent changes to your body, which is why we see the relationship between a patient and their surgeon as a lifelong commitment. Unlimited complimentary post operative support for 12 months.


    We treat every patient with the same compassion and respect that we would hope for ourselves when undergoing treatment or surgery.This includes every aspect of your experience; from transparent pricing and patient education during the consultation process – through to postoperative care in our discreet, private locations.


    Our Lifetime Care Guarantee begins with unlimited complimentary surgical review consultations in the 12 months following your surgery. It also means that if you have any concerns or questions about your surgery in the years following your operation, we will ensure your continuity of care. One of the core values of our clinic involves treating all patients as we’d wish to be treated, and our team does this through every step of our patients’ journeys.


    The UNIEN Cosmetic Surgery Services Certification, aimed at suppliers of cosmetic surgery services and to patients who want to undergo cosmetic surgery defines the requirements for services surgical procedures and management rules for cosmetic surgery professionals. These rules cover various aspects including, for example, ethics and marketing, information provided to the patient, surgeons' skills,


    Choosing to undergo plastic surgery is an important decision. Equally important is to contact a certified plastic surgeon. Their training and experience makes them uniquely qualified to perform reconstructive or cosmetic procedures. Our surgeons are trained in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of all types. In our Center we have a team of expert plastic surgeons, specialized in various aesthetic interventions dedicated to both women and men, which are performed in modern, certified operating rooms. where all safety standards are guaranteed.


    A perfect breast is still at the top of the list of requests to the Plastic Surgeon. Breast augmentation, for example, is a complex operation. Whether or not you are considering cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery It is of fundamental importance that you always turn to a certified and qualified plastic surgeon proven surgical experience, who not only knows the techniques of plastic surgery but is in also able to manage and avoid any complications.

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Why choose us?

We offer different plastic surgery packages for foreign clients that would like to come to us.

We offer complete packages for all of your plastic surgery needs while helping you save more money.

1. Safety is Our Number One Priority

Safety has always come first, without exception. At your consultation, we will take the time to describe the risks of any surgical procedures you may be considering and how we as a team work together with you to minimize those risks. Here are some of the ways we ensure your safety.

2. Certified Clinic

We only operate in certified, licensed, state-of-the-art surgery centers and hospitals. Only board-certified anesthesiologists are used in surgery. For after-hours emergencies, you can always contact the doctor on call. During business hours, our experienced patient care coordinators will appropriately direct your call to a provider.

3. Our Assurance of Quality

Accreditation is a surgical facility’s voluntary mark of quality, and indicates that our facility is fully equipped with the latest systems to ensure safety before, during, and after each cosmetic procedure. As such, ML tourism is fully accredited and our facility meets, and often exceeds, the standard for patient care.

4. Health

The Board of Health has strict protocols for equipment, safety, and qualifications for surgeons and staff. And as an accredited facility, we meet these standards and are regularly inspected by the Board of Health to ensure ongoing compliance. Our Board of Health accreditation is your assurance that the ML Tourism surgery center is equipped with advanced surgical instruments and patient monitoring systems and permits only qualified professionals to perform surgery and administer anesthesia. Our surgeons must also meet certain standards by undergoing a peer review and continuing their medical education. Other staff members who are involved in direct patient care must also meet rigorous criteria.

5. Putting The Patient First.

The genuine care and concern we have for our patients is reflected in our guiding principles. These symbolize our commitment to a patient-focused practice.

6. Our Staff

Our skilled and experienced staff members work closely with Doctors, assisting in pre- and postoperative care, as well as treating patients for aesthetics, lasers, injectables, and skin care. To learn more about our nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, anesthetist, and other skilled and experienced staff members.