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We offer complete packages for all of your dental needs while helping you save more money.


    Implant dental implants are manufactured according to the highest quality standards for both the product and the production process. One of the first German companies to be certified in the dental implant sector, today STRAUMANN Implant has an extensive number of European and international certifications. Thanks to frequent inspections (sometimes by surprise), the most authoritative certifying bodies assure dentists and patients that the required standards are always respected in each of our four production plants.


    Certifications are specific to each country and attest to the compliance of the components’ material quality and surface treatments, as well as precise manufacturing conditions. Among other things, the certifying bodies monitor quality, safety, material biocompatibility, sterilisation, traceability, durability and even product packaging. They are therefore very important certifications, passports that allow our implants to be sold and used in the most demanding markets.


    Implant is a manufacturer recognised by the German Notified Body TÜV (according to the EN ISO standard relating to medical implant devices), the most authoritative certification body in Europe.


    Clinicians in over 70 countries have placed millions of Straumann implants – so you can rest assured that no matter where life takes you, care for your Straumann dental implants is nearby.


    By means of present Dental Card, which system of quality management complies with standard UNI EN ISO, certifies that implantable medicaldevices used for your solution belong to the risk class, in accordance with regulation CE.


    Identification product labels indicating the code and batch number, which will be pasted on the medical history related to the patient and archived by doctor and on the present “Dental implant passport”, which will be given to you, so in the future any dentist will be able to identify your implant situation.


    By Material of titanium because its chemical-physical characteristics make it the best candidate for the manufacturing of implant systems; no intolerance from human body against it were ever observed and it has no toxicity. The titanium used for implants manufacture complies with regulation ASTM FMaterials) and complies with regulation ASTM F-136 for prosthetic components manufacture.


    The intraoral implants are made of GRADE 4 pure titanium 99.9%, which surface in presence of oxygen forms titanium dioxide, that is the best biocompatible and therefore osseointegrable form. Osseointegration means that the intraoral implant, when the healing is completed a few week later after the bone surgery, is entirely and closely wrapped in bone tissue and no other tissue is present

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Why choose us?

We offer different dental tourism packages for foreign clients that would like to come to us.

We offer complete packages for all of your dental needs while helping you save more money.

1. Fixed teeth in record time

We know well what those who choose a dental clinic in Albania are looking for . That's why we specialize in immediate loading implantology so that in 48 hours so you can have a fixed, perfectly functional prosthesis, to laugh and eat freely.

2. The best dental implants

In the ML Dental clinic we use high-quality dental products: dental implants, crowns, aesthetic veneers etc.

3. 2 hour trip to get all your teeth back

From all over Italy, every week, there are many direct flights to Tirana and the journey takes only 1-2 hours.

4. Computer-assisted dentistry

Thanks to digital technology, we guarantee certain results, in extremely short times and at low costs.

5. You save 75% compared to Dental services in Italy

You can take advantage of absolute quality implantologists , at a price 75% lower than in Italy. This is due to the very low cost of living in Albania.

6. The best dental clinic in Albania

Our doctors will listen and assess your oral health problems and prepare a personalized dental care plan, in accordance with international dental protocols.